The Secret to Building a Thriving Practice

If you want a thriving massage therapy practice, here's..


"The One Simple Strategy That Always Gets You More Clients"


"I went full time in May… have gotten all my business through this method and… just closed my book to new clients… You'd be hard pushed to find a more cost effective marketing strategy"


Dear MassageTherapist,

herapists, like yourself, are building thriving practices because of results like these:

  • One therapist gets 100-150 potential clients a month.
  • Another made $400 and got 3 more massages scheduled the first day.
  • This one made almost $400 and got 5 new clients in one evening.
  • Another gets 5-10 new and repeat clients in just one evening every month.
  • Another had to stop taking on new clients just months after going fulltime.


The surprising thing is: they spend little or no money on advertising!


So What's The Secret To Their Success?


They're no better skilled than you are. In fact, one therapist openly admits, "I'm probably a competent therapist with reasonable rates… but I certainly wouldn't class myself as brilliant by any stretch."


What makes them successful is this: they're using the one simple, yet highly effective, marketing strategy that always gets you more clients and appointments.


As you read on, you'll learn what this is and how you, too, can start using it today to…

  • Get more clients and appointments,
  • Increase your income, and
  • Build a successful, thriving practice.


First, let me ask you this…



Is 'Word Of Mouth' The Best Way To Build Your Practice?


The answer might surprise you…

The fact is, word of mouth has actually been proven to be a weak and unreliable way to get new clients. It's a common, mistaken belief.


You see, studies have shown that people who have a bad experience with a service tend to tell 6 to 10 people. But those having good experiences only tell 1 or 2 people!


You only have to ask yourself, "when does word of mouth happen?"


It's when a client or friend mentions you in a conversation, right? So it's not intentional and it's not planned. It's just something that happens *IF* people remember to talk about you. And, when they do, it's one of the best forms of advertising. But, relying on this will only set you up for disappointment ? and financial struggle ? because it doesn't happen as often as you'd like. You also have no control over it, especially what people say about you, and you can't measure how effective it is.


I think you'll agree with me, relying on an element of chance to build your practice is like playing the lottery… cross your fingers and hope Lady Luck smiles on you! More often than not, she's looking the other way!


Well, what if I told you there's a far more effective way to get people recommending you to others?


  • Imagine a captive audience of not 1 or 2 people, but dozens, hundreds, even thousands or people.
  • Imagine the 'word of mouth' is exactly what you want people to say, so they tell others every good thing about you and your service.
  • And, imagine getting a far better response than what you'd get from a full-page ad in a national newspaper.


Would you like to know how it's done? Of course you would! Okay then, let me show you.



Think Of This As 'Word Of Mouth' Referral Marketing On Steroids!


I call it 'JV', short for Joint Venture marketing.


Simply put, a JV is the partnership of two or more groups acting together to reach potential clients or customers.


From my personal experience, and that of many therapists, there's no other marketing strategy more effective at building a business.


When you start using it, you'll see how simple, quick and easy it is to spread your marketing efforts while reducing your marketing costs.


Imagine that for a second… you spend less time, money and effort on marketing, yet more people get to hear about you!



PROBLEM: Eric Brown, Director of, wanted a cheap way to increase clients and bookings.

SOLUTION: He arranged a Joint Venture with the management of a large law firm, where they would give away 30-minute treatments to employees as part of a staff appreciation event.

RESULT: Eric got 45 clients! What's more, 80% (36) of those clients upgraded to a full hour for only $20 more. He made $720 from giving away "free" massages and about one-third immediately booked a second appointment. His resulting massage sales were in the thousands of dollars. Years later, Eric continued to see some of those same clients and others they referred.

Let me tell you, JV opportunities are all around you. You just have to learn how to recognise them.

And Joint Ventures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, Larry Dotson lists 50 benefits and uses in his book, "How To Write Hypnotic Joint Venture Proposals"!


The beauty of JV marketing is that it's flexible. So, it doesn't matter if…

  • You're established, just qualified or currently studying
  • You're working on a limited, shoestring marketing budget
  • You have clients or you're looking for your first one
  • You visit clients or they come to you

… because you can use JVs to build a thriving practice no matter what your circumstances are.


However, I'm going to make it even easier for you. We're going to look at one use in particular to get you more clients and appointments ? JV endorsements. It's like 'word of mouth' referrals… but on steroids!



First Some Bad News -Then The Good News


As simple as JV marketing is, teaching you how to use it to fill your practice would take a few hours. That's the bad news. I think you'll agree with me, the thought of staring at your monitor for hours ? and 'exercising' your finger with all that scrolling ? isn't that appealing, right?


Well, the good news is, everything you need to know is condensed and laid out in an exciting new book you can start reading minutes from now.


This is the first and only book on this powerful strategy written for thrapists. And it's called…




How To Get Endless ?Word Of Mouth' Referrals


Harness The Power Of Joint Ventures To Get More Referrals And Build A Thriving Massage Therapy Practice Faster And Easier



Includes A Step-By-Step Action Plan With Easy-To-Use, 'Fill-In-The-Blanks', Marketing Tool Templates





Start Growing Your Client Base And Your Income Within The Next 10 Minutes


How To Get Endless 'Word Of Mouth' Referrals is an electronic book (ebook). One of the best things about this is you can download it right to your computer within the next few minutes.

You can read it on your monitor, or print the whole thing out to read wherever you want, at your leisure ? whichever you prefer. Then start using the information today to grow your client base and your income.

"So Much Good Advice"

I can only say that I am more than pleased as this book is focused on really helping Massage Therapists. I started applying some of the ideas right after reading the book. So much good advice… Easy to read, plenty of illustrations, accessible for anyone, above all PRACTICAL!

Adrian Pakvis
Massage Therapist, Sweden


Here's What You'll Learn


As you decide whether or not it's in your best interest to download and read this book, let me tell you some of the things you'll learn…


  • Examples of Joint Ventures showing you the simple, client-winning power behind this strategy. (See page 79)
  • Benefits of JV marketing with a list of 50 uses for it. You'll get more and more excited as your mind fills with endless ideas! (See page 86)
  • The powerful form of Joint Venture ? JV endorsements ? to get a flood of appointments within days, or to set up a constant stream of clients for months and years. It's your choice! (See page 88)
  • How JV endorsements work and how simple they are. (See page 91)
  • Who potential JV partners are, including a list of over 70 to get you started immediately. (See page 95)
  • What to look for in JV partners… you'll avoid wasting time and effort, ensuring a successful outcome before you begin. (See page 99)
  • How to set up JV endorsements in 3 simple steps. (See page 102)
  • Preparing your JV endorsement to get the best response in clients and appointments. (See page 111)
  • How to implement JV endorsements using the 3 most popular and simple methods. (See page 115)
  • A list of a further 16 JV ideas you can start using today to build your practice with. (See page 119)

… and much more.



Real-World Case Studies Of Therapists Using JVs To Build Successful Practices


  • Find out how Ruth gets 100-150 potential clients in a month from a local store. (You'll learn how to easily turn as many of those as you want into paying clients.) (See Chapter 3, page 33)
  • See how another therapist made $400 and got 3 further massages scheduled by the end of the first day, another 3 scheduled the following day, and further calls from people months later. (See Chapter 9, page 83)
  • Learn how Maggie made almost $400 and got 5 new clients in one evening. This turned into a monthly event increasing her full body Massage business, doubling her corporate chair massage business, increasing sales of gift certificates, and gets her frequent rebookings. (See Chapter 9, page 84)
  • See how Susan gets 5-10 new and repeat clients in just one evening every month. Then see how she further expands on her client base using this original group. (See Chapter 9, page 85)
  • Read about another therapist who had to close her book to new clients using this strategy alone ? she couldn't cope with the demand and needed to cut back! (You'll see how you can still take on new clients and increase your income when this happens… without having to work until your hands drop off!) (See Chapter 9, page 125)

"Great book"

I really did like the book and felt like I got a lot out of it. I felt that the book did a great job explaining joint ventures and it went into much more detail than the other books I read… a great book.

Susanne Runion
Massage Therapist, San Francisco, USA


That's Not All… There's More!


No stone is left unturned because JV marketing is only half of the book.

The other half teaches you strategies and techniques you also need to build and grow a thriving practice (whether or not you use JVs).


  • Find out why you're NOT in the 'complementary health' or 'massage therapy' business, and discover the business you're really in ? this might surprise you. The sooner you realise this, the sooner your practice will thrive! (See Chapter 1, page 10)
  • Learn exactly how much a new client is worth to you and why knowing this is essential to your success. When you know how to use this vital piece of information, you'll end the constant struggle to get clients because people will flock to you! (See Chapter 2, page 15)
  • Uncover the hidden asset within your practice, and learn how to mine it for the fastest, most lucrative source of clients you'll ever come across! You're losing money right now by not knowing and using it. (See Chapter 3, page 23)
  • How to ensure you stay at the top of people's minds so they call you ? and only you ? when they want or need a massage. (See Chapter 4, page 40)
  • Discover the simple question to ask that increases your income from every single appointment you get. You'll make more money with less effort and expense! (See Chapter 5, page 45)
  • The one thing you must do regularly or you'll lose 80% of your business' profit and your income potential. Doing this gets clients to rebook you more often with little or no effort! (See Chapter 6, page 48)
  • Learn how to get 3 or more new clients every time ? without fail ? from your existing clients using this simple referral technique. (See Chapter 7, page 64)
  • Discover 2 simple ways to build trust and credibility. They help overcome doubts and hesitations people may have about trying you out, converting them into paying clients. (See Chapter 8, page 68)

"This excites me greatly"

This book has been better than I thought. The effect that it has had on me towards marketing my new business is great.

I know now how to market myself and the business and look forward to the rewards it will reap both personally and financially… I have already begun to employ some of the ideas and before my business had even begun I have been offered part-time regular employment from a rugby club and other commitments of bookings when I do commence. This excites me greatly.

… the book is the complete package and you don't need any other tools to get you going or help you along the way.

Linda Gordon
Ashford, Middlesex, UK


Create Client-Winning MarketingTools In Minutes… Simply 'Fill In The Blanks'


I think you'll love this because it makes JV marketing, and your marketing in general, even easier for you.

Included in the book are templates for letters, ads, scripts, coupons and forms. Simply fill in the blanks with your details and they're ready to use… ready to generate more clients and appointments.


  • Using these templates…
  • Helps you approach JV partners
  • Gets JV partners promoting you
  • Gets you new clients
  • Encourages repeat bookings
  • Gets referrals from existing clients
  • Gets testimonials to use in your marketing
  • Welcomes and thanks new clients
  • Builds your mailing list
  • Builds client loyalty and relationships
  • Tracks results from your marketing
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Gets feedback to improve your service
  • Imagine not having to stare at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen, scratching your head, wondering what to write. Imagine how much time and effort this saves you!


So, even if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body, you can still create client-winning marketing tools in minutes… just fill in a few simple blanks and they're ready to go to work for you!



No Guesswork Needed With Step-By-Step Action Plans


You also get easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plans to follow. So you won't wonder, "Hmmm? Sounds good. But where do I start?".

You'll know exactly what to do to make your marketing a success… just start at Step 1, then Step 2, and keep going!

You'll Gain An Exciting Skill
That Rewards You For Life

Fact is, by the time you finish this book, you'll know exactly how to


  1. Fill your practice with paying clients for months and years to come. So you'll never have to worry about slow periods or recessions again.
  2. Convert one-shot clients into loyal, repeat clients who not only re-book time and time again, but also tell friends, family and colleagues about you!
  3. Increase your income with less effort and expense.
  4. Build and grow a thriving, successful practice faster and easier, with less headaches and frustrations. You'll have a business you can be proud of and excited about, where you can focus on what you enjoy and do best… helping people with just the touch of your hands.
  5. Get paid what you want and truly deserve. You'll have more than enough money to fulfill your wishes, wants and desires.
  6. Build value in your business, making it an attractive business to buy should you wish to sell it one day.


It may sound like a lot to promise. But that's what JV marketing, and the other strategies in this book, can do for you.

You'll find this book and this strategy both exciting and rewarding. All you have to do is learn the basics, apply what you learn and you can be very successful.


Above all, you'll have a skill you'll benefit from for life. I could go on and on, but I'm trying to keep this short!


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If you're not building a mailing list, you'll learn why you must in the book (see chapter 3, page 23). This is essential for your long term success, so be sure to read that chapter!

Value: $17.00 / £9.00


"This All Sounds Good. How Can I Be Sure This Book Delivers On Your Promises?"


The author, Mickey Wong, is an expert in high-profit, low-cost, direct response marketing. Since 1998, he's worked with solo entrepreneurs to multi-million pound companies in various industries to help them succeed, grow and prosper.


Mickey also editor of Massage Marketing Success? Digest. Subscribers to his popular newsletter know he delivers solid, practical, proven and easy-to-implement marketing strategies, techniques and tips every month.


Here some of the comments he's received for his newsletter…

"Practical and Easy to Implement Suggestions"

Congratulations on your first issue of Massage Marketing Success (Digest)… you did a good job. There are several practical and easy to implement suggestions which is exactly what massage therapistsneed.


Linda Stewart
Founder and Editor of


"Most Informative"

I really enjoyed the newsletter. I subscribe to lots of different ones and yours was most informative… many thanks and keep up the great work.


Bernadette Darnell
Life and Business Coach


What's This Worth To You?


Only you can answer that. But, imagine getting just one new client using this information who has a massage only 6 times a year, at £30 each time. She'd be worth £180 to you, right?

Imagine if she increases the number of massage treatments, buys gift vouchers and refers people… well, you can only imagine how much more she'd be worth to you.

If you think about it like this, I could charge as much as that for it ? and it would still be worth every penny. However, it wouldn't help those who can't afford it, those who need this the most.


So, you can get How To Get Endless 'Word Of Mouth' Referrals today for only £15. A fraction of what a new client is worth and just one appointment to recoup your investment. And, in terms of the knowledge, experience and value you'll get, it's worth far more than this.


Click Here Now To Get Immediate Access To "How To Get Endless 'Word Of Mouth' Referrals"


As you decide to get this book, you've got two choices:

  1. Ignore everything I've just told you, leave this website, and miss out on getting more clients and bookings than you can imagine… and carry on building your practice the hard way through costly trial-and-error.
  2. Or take the shortcut by skipping the steep learning curve with the knowledge and experience in this book ? 100% risk-free!


The choice is yours. I can only offer a suggestion based on my personal experience… and that's to take the shortcut and enjoy the ride!


One thing I certainly can't do is guarantee you'll make X amount of pounds or dollars. I don't know you or your situation. I don't know how motivated you are. Everyone's different. That's why I offer a money back guarantee.


But since you've read this far, you and I both know there's a part of you that wants to improve your business and personal income.


Your Future Is In Your Hands


The bottomline is, I can help you. However, only you can take the first step that brings you closer to your goals. That first step is easy…


Click Here Now To Get Immediate Access To "How To Get Endless 'Word Of Mouth' Referrals"


Then, as you read the book only minutes from now, you'll find yourself more and more excited about what can be done to reach the next level of success.


And, as you start using JV marketing, wonderful things will begin to happen. Your enthusiasm will soar as you find yourself on the right road to a bright future.


So, go ahead. Join other therapists reading this right now in making possibly the best investment this year… get your copy of How To Get Endless 'Word Of Mouth' Referrals and let JVs grow your practice faster and easier.


I've made it simple and affordable for you. The rest is up to you.


Many therapists, like Ruth, Maggie and Susan, have already proven you can build and grow a thriving practice with JVs. Now it's your turn. I know you can do it too!



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You'll be reading it only minutes from now, and start increasing your income today…